Exfol 10 % Skin Resurfacing Formula*

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Exfol Gel 10%™

The bio-availability of glycolic confirms that this formula is one of the most effective resurfacing products on the market available for home use. For skin that is already 'acclimatized' to our 5%, the 10% offers more dramatic results, aiding in the correction of pronounced lines, stubborn acne, razor bump, xerosis (extreme dryness) and photo-damage.

  • revitalizing...refining...exfoliating
  • promotes healthy cell turnover
  • reduces look of fine lines& wrinkles
  • improves cellular moisture retention
  • promotes even texture and colour
  • helps dislodge pore debris to manage acne
  • enhances skin strength and firmness
  • non-comedogenic,dye free
  • fragrance-free
Recommended: for problematic concerns and  skin types that have demonstrated successful tolerance and acclimatization to the Exfol Gel 5%.