Exfol Body Lotion 10% (Smoothes and Softens Contains Glycolic Keratin and Suncreen)*

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Exfol Body Lotion™

Dead cells can obstruct pores and impede moisturization. Although scrubs and grains exfoliate, AHA's dissolve the glue-like substances between the cells while also communicating with the deeper sub-layers of the skin to improve collagen and natural occurring moisture within the skin.

Featuring glycolic, this top-performer is extremely popular with those experiencing body acne and anyone suffering from dry skin, callused feet and elbows or prone to ingrown hairs. Leaves the skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth while improving skin tone and radiance.

  • removes dead cell build up
  • improves skin moisture
  • helps unplug clogged pores
  • promotes smooth even texture and colour
  • helps dislodge imbedded grime in soiled hands
  • lessens appearance of freckles
  • supports soft smooth feet and hands
  • alleviates ingrown hairs and body acne
  • rejuvenates and diminishes aging signs
  • non-comedogenic, dye-free
Recommended: all skin types.