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en Vogue Sculptured Nail Systems Inc.

en Vogue Sculptured Nail Systems represents a true breakthrough product – the avant-garde of artificial nails.  Our chemistry is based on up-to-date polymer science and our developments and products incorporate the latest technology.

Flexible and Strong

en Vogue nails imitate the structure of the natural nail.  More than any other artificial nail system they combine a light, natural feel and look with exceptional resiliency.

Odour Free

en Vogue gels do not release odour or harmful vapours and are suitable for a spa environment.


Neither client nor nail technician have to fear any toxic impact from the product.


The gels in our system are non porous and seal against fungus and mold.


en Vogue nails guarantee the total natural look without yellowing.

No Primer

No potentially aggressive chemicals are used that could harm the natural nail.


Most current artificial nail products continue to react to daylight particularly sunlight, eventually becoming yellow and brittle. en Vogue nails only cure when exposed to UVA light during the set curing time and show no reaction like yellowing thereafter.  Our light source does not produce any harmful radiation or emissions that could harm the skin or natural nails.

Latest Technology

Our chemists have researched and developed the product, incorporating the latest technology. UV curing as used by en Vogue is considered environmentally friendly “ Green Technology”.  In fact, one of our scientists participates – as member of the scientist’s association RADTECH – in the “2005 Clean Air Awards”.  All final testing of our products and developments are accomplished by qualified nail technicians and…confirmed by satisfied clients.

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