Exfol 5 % Skin Resurfacing Formula*

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Exfol Gel 5%™

Containing pharma-grade glycolic AHA, this skin resurfacing formula supports micro-peeling in the privacy of your own home. As the recommended starting strength for your face and neck area, it gently exfoliates while sending signals to deep skin layers to facilitate your skin's own ability to produce natural collagen and glycans, which in turn, promotes younger, healthier looking skin.

  • introduces skin to pharma-grade glycolic
  • texture and pore refining
  • revitalizing...refining...exfoliating
  • improves cellular moisture retention
  • reduces signs of aging
  • helps dislodge pore debris to manage acne
  • enhances skin strength and firmness
  • promotes healthy cell turnover
  • non-comedogenic, dye-free
  • scented by nature
Recommended: all skin types.
Skin Resurfacing goes beyond ordinary Facials & You Can do it at Home