Exfol Body Lotion 10% (Smoothes and Softens Contains Glycolic Keratin and Suncreen)*250ML

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Description: This is no standard body lotion. Featuring protecting Shea, anti-cellulite Ginkgo, anti-oxidant Vitamin E and top quality Pure Crystalline Glycolic, this formulation proudly presents a total body skin make-over.  Also ideal for back acne; chapped and calloused hands, feet and elbows; bikini wax and razor bump; and reviving tattoos.  Non-comedogenic. Naturally scented.  Dye, and animal cruelty free and paraben free skincare.

Key Ingredients & Components:  Glycolic Acid.  Shea Butter.  Aloe.  Chamomile.  Comfrey. Vitamin E. Grapefruit.  Rosemary.  Ginkgo Biloba.

General Skincare Applications:   Apply The Exfol Body Smoothing Lotion™ to clean toweled dry skin after bathing or showering, or as the skin dictates.  Temporary tingling may be felt. 

Professional Applications:  Professionals apply The Exfol Body Smoothing Lotion™ during foot and body wraps, manicures, and pedicures. They also recommended it for the management of ingrown hairs, callouses, body acne, hyperpigmentation and dryness.

Recommended Skin Types & Concerns:  All skin types. Acne. Dry Skin. Ingrown hairs associated with waxing or shaving. Cellulite. Non-flared dry patches associated with Eczema and Psoriasis.