Post Mist Soothing/Hydrating/Anti Oxidant/Anti Bacterial/Non Comedogenic*350 ml

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Post Mist™

All skin types are susceptible to aging and environmental damage. Replacing conventional toners and costly water-sprays, this essential toning mist soothes, tones, hydrates, and replaces vital elements to help restore maintenance healthy looking skin. While hyaluronic acid, a hydrating natural moisturizing factor that attracts water to the skin improves skin radiance, soothing botanicals revitalize, calm and refresh. Also, ideal after exposure to treatments and exposure to the sun, wind and air conditioning. Skin feels soft, soothed and fresh.

  • promotes healthy pH
  • hydrating...moisture balancing
  • refreshing & revitalizing
  • calming & conditioning
  • inhibits bacterial growth
  • softens skin texture & wrinkles
  • soothes itching...sunburn...insect bites
  • alleviates common skin irritations
  • helps prevent flaking & ingrown hairs
  • deters blemishes for acne control
  • prolongs makeup wear
  • non-comedogenic, paraban-free, dye-free
Recommended for all skin types.