Fabeaulous Feet

Revolutionizing The Pedicure. (Disposable 2 Disc System)

Finally! A product that revolutionizes the pedicure! No more back and shoulder breaking labor! Safe and effective for your clients while also addressing any sterilization concerns.  Unlike the blade, it will not cut the skin and it is sized to fit around and in between the toes. Our exclusive self adhesive licensed hygienic disposable dermabrasion discs® (PATENTS PENDING) adhere onto the Fabeaulous® Feet stainless steel tip and peel off, making clean up easy and more sanitary.

The REMOVE disc will deal with any callus or dry skin, while the POLISH disc will smooth the surface to perfection. Since the system does all the work, all you need to do is direct it, as you've already been trained in esthetics. Now for the Esthetician: watch how relaxed your client is, with our system your physical work is eliminated, your client does not feel the need to assist in you in your duty, so they truly relax as they are meant to.

It is the The Most Successful Pedicure System in the World!

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